We recently completed an overview video that describes the important solution that we are bring to the Pipeline Industry.

In particular, Pibline is creating the Pipeline Industry’s only health record system by:

1. Allowing Pipeline Operators to manage all of their pipeline data in one location (this includes Inline Inspection (ILI), Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) data and other data sources);

2. Allowing NDE field staff and Operator staff to communicate and share data in near real time through our centralized Web application (Pibline Web) and our NDE mobile field collector (Pibline Mobile);

3. Allowing Operators to use modern big data analysis techniques to manipulate data in new, innovative and creative ways; and

4. Allowing Operators and all field staff to track and manage their Integrity digs through an automated Project Management system built into the Pibline products.

To watch our overview video, please click below:

We are Pibline and we are re-imagining Pipeline Integrity management.