Pibline Web

Pibline’s Web solution contains the following unique industry capabilities: Central Management

  • Project and business process management;
  • Workflow automation to allow each project to be customize to suit environmental and political conditions;
  • ILI data import;
  • Girth weld matching (ILI and NDE data)
  • Integrated search (one search for all data);
  • Pibline data export (in PODS version 6.x format);
  • User portal customized based on project role and responsibility; and
  • Application Programming Interface (API) to allow Pipeline operators to integrate Pibline with other internal Pibline applications


  • ILI correlation (site, project, and system levels);
  • Inspection and repair summaries (site, project, and system levels); and
  • Ad-hoc reporting capabilities to query any data in the system to look for trends across the entire pipeline system

Inline Inspection Comparison and Performance Evaluation

  • Comparison techniques to overlay ILI data and field NDE data to provide the most accurate understanding of a pipeline’s risks, and to provide ILI performance evaluations; and
  • Manage different ILI tool results (features) and historical comparisons (multiple ILI run overlays)

Team Collaboration

  • Integrated project management workflows to automate and organize activities
  • Manage activities and project resources (assets and people)
  • Track tasks and automated alerts Daily progress reports for all team members
  • Daily technical reports for technical staff Decision compliance tracking

Integrity Protocol and Repair Procedure Manual

  • Manual consists of detailed procedures, photos, videos and diagrams on common pipeline defects and associated acceptable