Other software products in the Pipeline Information Management (PIM) marketplace are largely focused on Inline Inspection (ILI) reporting which only gives Pipeline Operators part of the PIM picture. Pibline combines ILI predictive analytics with standardized Non-Destructive (NDE) field collection techniques to give Pipeline Operators the “true” condition of their assets while also allowing Operators with the ability to effectively manage their systems to meet the industry’s zero failure mandate.

The Pibline’s solutions have been built around extensive industry field experience with Pipeline Operators, NDE personnel, and Inline Inspection (ILI) vendors to create a proven PIM data collection system to capture the physical data about a pipeline and related integrity inspections.

Operators and users of the Pibline’s software benefit from increased efficiencies, regulatory compliance and ultimately reduce or eliminate potential integrity risks.

The Pibline’s software suite adopts and utilizes the latest IT advancements, to do more with less, in an elegant and robust environment. Primary features focus on user experience, efficiency, and consistency.

Pibline offers two integrated products:

  1. a mobile NDE field collector (Pibline Mobile); and
  2. a Pipeline website (Pibline Web).

Our Products focus on the following areas:

Mobile NDE Field Collector

  • A Tablet based field collection solution optimized for data collection efficiencies including offline data collection

ILI and NDE Integration

  • By combining Inline Inspection and non-destructive field data Operators can finally see the real picture

Proven NDE Methodology

  • Utilizing a proven field data collection workflow, technicians are collecting the right data for the right reasons to enhance pipeline analysis for the decision making process.

Team Collaboration / Project Management Automation

  • Using the power of social techniques, Pibline provides real time data capabilities to both office and field staff to allow all project team members to collaborate in ways never imagined before all to provide traceable evidence of who knew what and when related to decisions and integrity decisions.